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by C. W. Ammen (Author)
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A-to-Z guide to low-volume metalcasting There’s plenty of demand for one-shot or low production metalcasting job work, but the work often goes begging for lack of anyone to do it. Interested? Metalcasting by C.W. Ammen is packed with step-by-step guidelines for getting started and working effectively and efficiently in this time-honored craft. You get hands-on advice and cost-cutting tips, plus sound ideas for safety and productivity. In easy-to-understand language, this guide shows you how to use metalcrafting’s tools and processes, casting and mold making…molding sands…molding equipment….metal melting, handling, and pouring devices…alloys…and more, including: *Patination of cast metals *Working with chemically-bonded molds *Newest molding, casting, and pattern-making techniques A Frequently Asked Questions section anticipates and responds to typical beginner’s queries about applications and repair techniques and other metalcasting issues.

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