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This circle hole cutter is perfect for cutting holes in timber, laminate, plasterboard, plastic, plywood ect. From thin sheets to thick boards, 30mm to 120mm capacity.

Features and Specifications:
•Adjustable Hole Cutter has alloy tool steel cutting blades and drill bit.
•Circle Hole Cutter easily cuts holes from 1″ (30mm) to 5″ (120mm).
•Will cut plywood, laminates, composite boards, gypsum board, plastic, rubber, & many other materials.
•Includes extra brad point drill bit for drilling in thin sheet materials, and allen wrench.
•Comes w/ Hex Key and Center Drill Bit.
•Hole Cutter is not for use on sheet or other metals.
•Capacity of Round Circle Cutter: 30mm-120mm.

Package Contents:
1 x Steel Circle Cutter
1 x Spare drill bit
1 x Hex Key Wrench

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 50 mm