LED Bulb – G45 12-36V DC 6 x LED B22

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These can now no longer be obtained and are replaced by these

G45 LED Bulb

Equivilent to a G45 Incandescant lamp

12-36V DC

Size: 45mm dia x 72mm long (G45)
Colour: Warm White Base: B22 (Common NZ standard bayonet fitting)
Power: 1.4W (equivalent to approx 16W incandescent)

Very voltage tolerant with internal power supply to give constant brightness from 12 to 36V

The LED’s are well difused with no spots or uneven parts in the light.

Made to specifically to order for a direct replacement for New Zealand Railways (NZR) 20W G45 incandescent carriage light bulbs. These are specifically made to be look as close to the originals as possible, size shape colour etc to some difficult design requirements. These latest ones are improved, with twice as many high power LED’s squeezed it, to give around 80% of the original incandescent 20W bulbs (my subjective opinion)


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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 60 mm