Book – WPS7 – Art of Welding

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Welding, by oxy-acetylene or electric arc, is a skill in increasing demand and one for which the basics can be learned without great difficulty. In this book, the author sets out the basic techniques and the art for oxy-acetylene welding, brazing, flame-cutting and electric arc welding with mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium etc in sheet plate or cast form.

Contents: Welding by the Oxy-Acetylene Process; Exercises with Mild Steel; Gas Welding Other Metals; Brazing; Oxy-Flame Cutting; Arc Welding; Exercises in Welded Joints; Cast Iron and Stainless Steel; Pipe Welding; Vertical and Overhead Welding of Mild Steel; Building Up and Reinforcement; Resistance Welding; T.I.G. Welding; M.I.G. Welding; Weld Symbols; Aids to Assembly; Welding Defects.

W.A. Vause spent forty years as a welder and several as welding instructor at Queen Elizabeth College for the Disabled. He wrote this book with the assistance of the Engineering Industry Training Board.

Originally published in 1985 by Argus Books Ltd
Special Interest Model Books edition published 2002

210 x 148 mm
96 pages
15 black & white photographs
76 scale diagrams
3 tables of data

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